PPC Campaign over Amazon Platform

Creating sponsored ads for business selling their items and services over that platform. With the ads we uniquely create, we assist our clients with boosting their visibility, raise awareness to the business, reaching more shoppers and ultimately, increasing sales!

We build Amazon ads that are paid per click and target them to specific clients that are shopping engaged. With that method we effectively control budget cost by paying only for clicks from shoppers who are really interested in your brand or product. With Amazon PPC, we keep control the budget efficiency , ad performence and learn which prodicts are on demand and well purchased.

From our past experience we run those type of ads for Amazon vendors or sellers that either sell specific good or service, brand identity or an entire Amazon shop.

PPC Campaign Management over Google Search Engine: Google Adwords

Creating appealing ads over Google Search Engine with creative visual and written content. We promote our clients ads and webpages to be promoted and visible on Google search engine as one of the top suggestions for clients browsing related type of business or service. Using Pay per Click method, budget is spent once the ad was clocked by a potential customer and thus making sure your budget was efficiently spent and well controlled.

That kind of campaign is extremly worthy as your ads will be shown directly to engaged shoppers actively looking so purchase goods or services that are similar to your business. Targeting the audience according to predertmined service location and key words that best reflect your establishment offerings.

PPC Campaign Management over Social Media

Creating memorable sponsored ads over the Social Media platforms; Facebook and Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin. By creating engaging content (visual and written) together with efficiently targeting your potential engaged shoppers according to their location, languages, demographic and interest, we grow attention to your business, promote your brand awareness, creating direct Business to Client engagement and ultimately drive more sales!

Social Media Crisis Management

Customer complaints, accusations or anger pop up on your social media platforms. Each situation is different and requires a sophisticated approach to make sure you can retain your hard-earned customers while also standing up for your brand.

Your message during a critical time is going to be the biggest influence over public perception. Businesses have often been in a situation where they could control the narrative but fail to make the right message. We ensure that your message will be heard and interpreted in the best way possible

If you’ve never experienced a crisis on social media, then you’re lucky. But that means you need to prepare for the worst, just in case.

Lead Generation

In need for more concrete leads? let us transforming a visitor of your digital proporties into a customer.

For generating new sales, product uses or services we can create a lead ad for you over different type of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Google Search.

Social Media Content Creation


Your business social media can be used to find prospects, drive leads, sell products, and shape yout brand image as it is simply your online store window.

What we offer you is an interacitve and engaging strategy of marketing communication between your business to current and potetnial customers.

Here is what we do best on the Social Media Plartforms:

  • create memorable and engaging content; posts, written content, stories, videos etc
  • track your competitors Social Media presence
  • work with influencers that will organicaly increase your audience reach
  • Hashtag Research to incorportate to your daily posts in order to reach a broader segment
  • Audience engagement like posts
  • Encouraging review making
  • …and ultimately, audience Growth


Partnering with Flojo Agency, we create memorable and unique Logo that will best present your brand, grab attention, promote public identification that will differentiate you from your competitors.

Will tailor made your logo according to your compny needs, values and audience.

We ensure the quality of the logo, therefore, together with our partner, Flojo Agency, will provide you with different styles and scatches and transparently work close to you so your logo needs will be met!

Web, design & development

Partnering with Flojo Agency, we deliver a well designed website with equally well designed UI and UX in order to best showcase your services and goods.

Following  the lattest design and development trends while baring in mind your audience needs, we deliver a reactive website that highlight your services in appealing and responsive way to your client, all to enhance revenue streams, maintain loyal customers, strengthen brand identity and attract new potential customers.